“Good” Music vs “Bad” Music

This is the post excerpt.


As a DJ and producer, I find myself coming across many tracks that I like and dislike. It is not completely up to me to judge a track as “good or bad” as it is just my opinion, however I do feel that when taken in context of ability, tracks can be lackluster when compared to previous feats. An example of this would be the winner of best dance record in 2016 “Where are Ü Now?” (Ft. Justin Bieber) by Jack Ü . Although not a bad track in it’s production, it is simply disappointing when you realize that Jack Ü is made up of Grammy winning producers Skrillex and Diplo. Compared to their previous quality of work, “Where are Ü Now?” comes off as a very simple, very common, very easy track to make, with a pop icon slapped onto it to make money. And it worked.

Compare this to another talented artist, the Australian dubstep/metal producer PhaseOne who released his single “UFO” also in 2016. This track combines traditional dubstep with heavy metal beats and unique sound design. Titled UFO, this track truly captures an alien invasion in audio form. UFO is a unique style, a unique song, and a one of a kind track.

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