Real Vs Hyper real Vs Surreal

First up for the real category is the acoustic studio recording of the Three Days Grace song “Animal I have become”

The song sounds “real” because, although recorded on separate mics, the mix over all sounds flat. The vocals fluctuate from in tune to slightly out of tune.


Compare this to the official version of the song for the “hyper real” section. In this version, the first thing you notice is how clean the bass is. The Guitar and drums come in aswell and nothing seems on top of anything else. It seems like every part of the song has its own space to play out, nothing gets buried. No noticeable room noise reverb on anything besides the drums. Filtered Vocals are also made post recording.

And finally for the “Surreal” part we have PhaseOne’s Track Origins. It starts with arpeggios and effects that don’t typically exist outside of the non-electronic world. Then it drops into its metal/screamo break. Here you can here real guitars sequenced to high intensity programmed drums played so fast and perfect that no human could replicate.


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