Who Sampled who?

The controversial topic of sampling is HUGE in the music production scene. It is rare to find tracks these days that don’t have a sample from somewhere, whether it be a kick drum or a whole section of a song. There was one incident about 3 years ago however which through the whole EDM scene into an uproar. I am of course talking about the Skrillex vs Zomboy who stole what when it came to their songs All is fair in Love and Brostep and Terror Squad.


Here is “Allegedly” how this came to be. Rumors say that Sonny Moore (Skrillex) and Joshua Mellody (Zomboy) met behind closed doors where Sonny showed Joshua a early draft of the track that would later turn into “All is Fair in Love and Brostep”. Then titled “Untitled DJ Tool” (now called “This Much Power”) the track featured a drop that was fairly revolutionary in the current dubstep scene. It was unique and fresh and totally different from Sonny’s past works.

A few months later Zomboy released a track called Terror Squad that sounded eerily similar to the feel of the unreleased track however, due to it being unreleased, the general public wasn’t aware of it.

Later, Skrillex released his track titled “All is fair in Love and Brostep” which was so similar to Terror Squad that it even has the same drop almost beat for beat. Even copying his now infamous pre-drop vocal “It’s Fucking Zomboy.” “Heard at 1:07 in Terror Squad and at 2:02 in All is Fair in Love and Brostep”

The Scene was in an uproar saying Skrillex copied Zomboy and what not.

Zomboy released this statement on his Facebook :

I wrote Terror Squad completely unknowing of Skril’s song, or so i thought… last year I was at Sonny’s place in L.A with a few other people and while he was playing us previews of his album ideas, I fear i may have subconsciously held onto the vibe of ‘DJ Tool’ which may be why i had the idea in my head, but hand on heart, it was not aimed to be a rip.

If you listen to the original leak there are only loose similarities to terror squad, but the new version fully mimics my drop which is hilarious, flattering, and a little bit embarrassing all at the same time, but hey as the man says – ‘All is Fair’

There is no beef between Sonny and I and as you probably know he is literally the sole reason i started writing electronic music…. even the fact that he bothered to do what he has done with his new song is an honour in itself.

The important words at play here are ‘FAIR’ and ’LOVE. If you don’t believe me then you can hear it straight from Sonny himself…

To which Skrillex replied on Twitter:


So that was the end to the whole terror squad but one thing came out of that lived on way past the incident did. That would be the infamous “It’s Fucking” pre-drop vocal. For a while it could be heard in a bunch of places. Originating in Terror Squad then mocked in All is Fair in Love and Brostep, it can be heard in songs like

Dubstep is Dead -Getter (2:07)

It’s Fucking Dubstep – Bear Grillz X The Frim (0:52)

And many times by Zomboy himself. One notable occasion is in the remix of Skrillex’s Song Ragga bomb. In this track you hear the pre-drop followed by Skrillex’s own predrop that ironically was heard in  All is Fair in Love and Brostep at 2:31 as a kind of redemption for the whole Terror Squad ordeal.

Skrillex – Ragga Bomb (Skrillex & Zomboy Remix) (1:02)


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